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    Screening and Potential of Gram Negative Bacterial Isolates for their Extracellular Enzymatic Activities Isolated from the Hospital Aquatic Environment
    Author(s): Manzar Alam and Mohd Imran*


    Bacteria can resist an antimicrobial agent by producing extracellular enzymes that eradicate or inactivate the antibiotics. Majority of drug/metal resistant Gram negative bacterial isolates showed amylase, β-Lactamase, protease, lipase, gelatinase and urease enzymatic activity. In isolates from site-1, maximum 96%, 74% and 72% of the total isolates showed amylase, lipase and catalase activity, whereas only 46%, 34%, 24% and 20% exhibited β-Lactamase, urease, protease and gelatinase activity respectively. In site-II, 88%, 84%, 74%, 68%, 58% and 56% of the isolates demonstrated lipase, protease, amylase, catalase, gelatinase and urease activity respectively, while only 48% of the isolates showed β-Lactamase activity. In case of site- III, maximum 86%, 74%, 68%, 62%, 56% and 52% of the total isolates exhibited lipase, amylase, β-Lactamase,.. Read More»