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The Study of Inhibitory Effect of Aqueous Extract Leaf of Avicennia marina (Hara) on Candida albicans, In Vitro

Author(s): Jasem Mohamadi and Mohamad Reza Havasian*

Candidiasis is one of the most important and prevalent opportunistic fungal diseases in human. The leaves of Avicennia marina (Hara) have traditionally widely used in southern regions of Iran to treat different kinds of infections. The purpose of present research is to study the inhibitory effect of aqueous extract of Avicennia marina on Candida albicans in laboratory conditions. The leaf of Avicennia marina was collected from coastal areas of south of Iran and dried in the shade after washing and extracted its aqueous extract. The effect of extract was studied by disk diffusion and diffusion in agar methods with embedded sink in different concentrations. The value of MIC and MFC was determined by Macro broth dilution method. The results were analyzed using the SPSS version 21 software. In disk diffusion method in the concentrations of 200 and 1600 μg/ disk, the diameter of inhibition zone was 0 and 2.3 mm respectively, and in the concentrations of 10 and 80 mg/ml the diameter of inhibition zone was 0 and 2.7 mm in embedded sink method. It was not possible to determine the values of MIC and MFC due to very limited inhibitory effect of aqueous extract of Avicennia marina on clinical and standard species of candida albicans. According to the obtained results from present research, it can be noted that aqueous extract of the plant has less active ingredients with antifungal effects. It is suggested that phenolic and alcoholic extracts of Avicennia marina should be considered in future research.

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