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Penile Calciphylaxis in Chronic Renal Failure Patient: A Case Study

Author(s): Omar Thanoon Dawood1, Azhar Amir Hamzah2, Dharmendra P2, Mohamed Azmi Hassali1

Penile calciphylaxis occasionally seen in chronic renal failure patients. Causes include vascular calcification in accordance with elevated levels of serum calcium and phosphorus. Worldwide very few cases have been reported and estimated nearly 4% of ESRF patients are affected. Now we are presenting a case of penile calciphylaxis in a 76-year diabetic patient with ESRF. The condition overall carries a poor prognosis. Postulated methods of treatment can be made includes primary wound care, calcium phosphate level reduction by hemodialysis and sodium thiosulfate, and parathyroid hormone level reduction

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