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Midazolam premedication in attenuating ketamine psychic sequelae

Author(s): SC Somashekara, D Govindadas, G Devashankaraiah, Rajkishore Mahato, S Deepalaxmi, V Srinivas, JV Murugesh, Devanand

The objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of midazolam premedication in attenuating the psychic sequelae of ketamine dissociative anaesthe-sia. Sixty patients undergoing various short surgical and urological procedures were taken in the study. All patients were premedicated with midazolam (0.05mg/kg i.v) five minutes before ketamine induction (1mg/kg i.v). The excitatory phenomenon, emergence delirium, occurrence of unpleasant dreams and patient acceptability of ketamine anaesthesia were recorded. Out of 60 patients studied, 15% had excitatory effects, 8% had mild delirium and 3% patients had unpleasant dreams in post op-erative period. Patient acceptability of ketamine anaesthesia was 100%. Hence from the study it was concluded that, midazolam premedication is effective in attenuating ketamine psychic sequelae.

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