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Isolation of anticancer drug TAXOL from Pestalotiopsis breviseta with apoptosis and B-Cell lymphoma protein docking studies

Author(s): G Kathiravan, Sripathi M Sureban, Harsha N Sree, V Bhuvaneshwari, Evelin Kramony

Background: Extraction and investigation of TAXOL from Pestalotiopsis breviseta (Sacc.) using protein docking, which is a computational technique that samples conformations of small molecules in protein-binding sites. Scoring functions are used to assess which of these conformations best complements the protein binding site and active site prediction. Materials and Methods: Coelomycetous fungi P. breviseta (Sacc.) Steyaert was screened for the production of TAXOL, an anticancer drug. Results: TAXOL production was conô€irmed by the following methods: Ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopic analysis, Infrared analysis, High performance liquid chromatography analysis (HPLC), and Liquid chromatography mass spectrum (LC-MASS). TAXOL produced by the fungi was compared with authentic TAXOL, and protein docking studies were performed. Conclusion: The BCL2 protein of human origin showed a higher afô€inity toward the compound paclitaxel. It has the binding energy value of −13.0061 (KJ/Mol) with four hydrogen bonds.

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