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Hypersensitivity reaction associated with phenytoin

Author(s): TH Indu, Roopa Satyanarayan Basutkar

Hypersensitivity reactions with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) are generally associated with aromatic AEDs. We present a case of hypersensitivity reactions followed by administration of phenytoin with diazepam and ranitidine in a patient with generalized tonic��?�?�?clonic seizures. Antigen��?�?�?antibody reactions or decreased levels of epoxide hydrolase are well known with phenytoin. Increased level of serum phenytoin causing toxicities due to competitive inhibition with diazepam on co��?�?�?administration was also reported in the literature. Prevention of the adverse effects with AEDs is a multi��?�?�?stage process, which requires implementation of preventive measures through careful monitoring and prompts interventions.

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