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Effect of taxol from Pestalotiopsis mangiferae on A549 cells-In vitro study

Author(s): Govindarajan Kathiravan, Sripathi M Sureban

Pestalotiopsis mangiferae Coelomycete fungi were used to examine the production of taxol. The taxol isolated from this fungus is biologically active against cancer cell lines were investigated for its antiproliferative activity in human Non Small Cell Lung Cancer A549 cells. The results showed that the methylene chloride extrac- tion of Pestalotiopsis mangiferae inhibited the proliferation of A 549 cells as measured by MTT and Trypan blue assay. Flow cytometric analysis showed that methylene chlo- ride extraction of Pestalotiopsis mangiferae blocked cell cycle progression in G0/G1 KEyWOrDS: Pestalotiopsis mangiferae; taxol; MTT; Trypan blue; G0/G1; LDH; apoptosis phase. In addition fungal taxol induced A549 cell apoptosis as determined by propid- ium iodide staining. Further the percentage of LDH release was increased at increasing concentrations which is a measure of cell death. The levels of sialic acid levels and DNA, rNA and protein levels were decreased after treatment with methylene chloride extraction of Pestalotiopsis mangiferae.We suggests that methylene chloride extrac- tion of Pestalotiopsis mangiferae might be considered for future therapeutic applica- tion with further studies against lung cancer.

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