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Controlled release matrix uncoated tablets of enalapril maleate using HPMC alone

Author(s): Anroop B Nair, Hiral Vyas, Ashok Kumar

Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is generally combined with hydrophobic polymers in fabricating oral controlled solid dosage forms. This study evaluated the utility of diverse grades of HPMC in developing a controlled release formulation for a hydrophilic drug, enalapril maleate. Controlled release uncoated tablets were prepared by direct compression technique. Two grades of HPMC (K100 and K4M) in different proportions were used to prepare the tablets, and were evaluated for physical properties, drug content, in vitro drug release and drug release kinetics as well. All the formulations demonstrated good physical integrity and the drug content were in the official limits. The formulation with HPMC K100 (25 mg/tablet) and K4M (15 mg/tablet) have been found to release the required amount of drug (2.97 mg/h) through out the study period (14 h). The calculated regression coefficients showed higher r2 value with Higuchi model and zero order kinetics. Given the excellent release profile, the study concluded that HPMC in different grades with low concen-tration alone can control the enalapril maleate release over a period of time (14 h).

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