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Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicators (cpKPI) for Hospital Pharmacists in Nigeria

Author(s): Chigozie Anene-Okeke*

Background: There are no clinical pharmacy Key performances Indicators (cpKPIs) that can be used to measure hospital pharmacy performance in Nigeria.

Objective: To identify clinical pharmacy Key Performance Indicators (cpKPIs) that can be used for benchmarking clinical pharmacy services provided in the Nigerian hospital setting.

Methods: The study was carried out in two phases. The first phase employed Delphi technique to identify cpKPIs and the second phase; stakeholders from twenty-seven tertiary hospitals were surveyed using the twenty-one identified cpKPIs from the first phase. They were asked to rate each cpKPIs using a fivepoint Likert scale based on agreement, importance and measurability. Returned questionnaires were coded and entered into Microsoft Excel, then exported and analysed using IBM SPSS Statistics 23. Descriptive statistics (frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation) was used to describe sociodemographics and each cpKPIs.

Key findings: Five members panel participated in the two rounds of meeting and reached consensus of 21 cpKPIs. The stakeholder’s response rate was (27/80=33.75%). cpKPIs with the highest rating of agreement for drug information enquires (Mean=4.22). Similarly, the cpKPIs that was rated highest for importance were drug therapy problem resolved (Mean=4.26) and drug information enquires (Mean=4.19). Finally, with respect to measurability, medication errors reported (Mean=4.00) had the highest cpKPIs rating.

Conclusion: Five members panel reached a consensus of 21 cpKPIs. Stakeholder good perception of 17 cpKPIs that could demonstrate the value of pharmacists in improving quality of care in Nigeria.

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