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Cancer Immunotherapy Preparation and Immune Cells Activation through Hapten-Enhanced Chemotherapy in Primary Lung Cance

Author(s): Baofa Yu*, Feng Gao, Peng Jing, Peicheng Zhang, Xiaomin Zhang, Guoqin Zheng, Shengjun Zhou, Jian Zhang, Fu Qiang, Yan Han and Yan Jiang

Immunotherapy is a novel treatment of lung cancer. However, still lacking of method to awake of immune cell into fighting posture since most of patients got the standard of care with concurrent chemo or radiotherapy. Comparative studies on the single-cell level of immune reaction-related abscopal effect in untreated tumors before and after the major tumor with chemotherapeutic drugs plus hapten. Using Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) analyze the changes at the molecular level of tumor reflection from the treated major tumor. It was found that immunity reaction activated like Mononuclear Phagocytes [MP’s], mature DC cells and T and NK cells including CD8+ effector T cells, CD8Trm, NK cells, also awaking memory T cells, CD8+ effector T cells, CD8Trm and Naive T increased in untreated tumor after major tumor treated. It can be induced through intratumoral injection of cytotoxic drug plus hapten, vital in modifying Associate Tumor Antigens (ATAs) to improve neu ATAs. Our study provides evidence that hapten mediated local chemotherapy is safe and effective method while it induces a systematic immunity against cancer by initiating immune response from the endometrial cancer to achieve desirable clinical outcome in order to prevention of tumor cell metastasis with or without hysterectomy, in fact, it bring the immunotherapy advance ahead any treatment of cancer, cleverly integrated into existing therapies and make those quite effective in prolong patient’s life.

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