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Antiulcer activity of roots of zapoteca portoricensis (FAM. fabiaceae)

Author(s): CV Ukwe, CM Ubaka, MO Adibe, CJ Okonkwo, PA Akah

Background: The roots of Zapoteca portricensis is a common remedy in the treatment gastrointestinal disorders used by tradomedical practitioners in Eastern Nigeria. Aim: This study was aimed at evaluating the possible antiulcer activity of the root of this plant in experimental rats. Methods: A methanolic root extract was prepared by cold maceration. Antiulcer activity was tested using absolute ethanol and indomethacin induced ulcer models. Sucralfate (100 mg/kg oral) was used as the reference drug. Different groups of albino rats of male sex were given three doses (50, 100, 200 mg/kg) of the extract. Phytochemical analysis of the freshly dried roots was also done. Results: Phytochemical results revealed presence of alkaloids, terpenoids, glycosides and flavonoids. The ethanol model produced an average ulceration in rats with reduction of ulcer (50%, 75% and 90%) seen in all the extract treatment. A dose dependent inhibition of ulcer was seen in all doses of the extract with doses 100 and 200 mg/kg produced a significant reduction compared with control. In the indomethacin model, an absolute ulceration was produced in all the animals. Inhibition of ulcer (57.1%, 65.7% and 80.0%) was seen in the treatments with the extracts in a dose dependent manner. All the three doses of the extracts produced significant ulcer protection compared with control. Conclusion: This study has shown that roots of this plant (Zapoteca portoricensis) possess potent antiulcer activity.

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