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Radionuclide Diagnostics Department, Medical Radiological Research Centre, Kaluga Oblast, Russia


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    Distinguish Thyroid Malignant From Benign Alterations Using X-Ray Fluorescence And Neutron Activation Analysis Of Chemical Element Contents In Nodular Tissue
    Author(s): Vladimir Zaichick*


    Background: Thyroid Benign (TBN) and Malignant (TMN) Nodules is a common thyroid lesion. The differentiation of TMN often remains a clinical challenge and further improvements of TMN diagnostic accuracy are warranted. Objective: The aim of present study was to evaluate possibilities of using differences in Chemical Elements (ChEs) contents in nodular tissue for diagnosis of thyroid malignancy. Methods: Contents of nineteen ChEs including silver (Ag), calcium (Ca), chlorine (Cl), cobalt (Co), chromium (Cr), cooper (Cu), iron (Fe), mercury (Hg), iodine (I), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), sodium (Na), rubidium (Rb), ammonium (Sb), scandium (Sc), selenium (Se), strontium (Sr), and zinc (Zn) were prospectively evaluated in nodular tissue of thyroids with TBN (79 patients) and to TMN (41 patients). Measur.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/0976-0113.13(S2).151