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Calvin Tucker

Clinical manager, Pharmacy services, St. Vincent’s Medical Center - Riverside, USA


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    The Impact of Criteria for Use and a Prescriber Order From on Albumin Utilization
    Author(s): Calvin Tucker*

    Purpose: Fluid management is fundamental to the care of critically ill patients. Albumin solutions are protein colloids that are oncotically equivalent to human plasma. These solutions are commonly administered to increase or maintain intravascular volume. Within the critical care setting, albumin is often used for several reasons including distributive and hemorrhagic shock, cerebral ischemia and maintenance of cerebral perfusion pressure, and management of postoperative hypotension. The choice of whether to use crystalloids or colloids for these indications continues to be debated despite the lack of adequate evidence or guidelines to support its use. Jackson Memorial Hospital (JMH) implemented albumin usage criteria in concordance with the University Health Consortium (UHC) guidelines in 2007 in order to establish evidence based criteri.. Read More»

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