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Use of a Strategic Plan for the Clinical Pharmacy Section in a Tertiary Care Center

Author(s): Abulezz R*, Alhamdan H and Khan MA

PURPOSE: To develop and implement a strategic plan with higher standards for the clinical pharmacy section (CPS), which would positively reflect on patient care, while maximizing future successes.
In 2011 a strategic plan was adapted from 2007 American College of Clinical Pharmacy strategic plan with modifications. The mission of CPS is to advance human health and quality of life by extending the frontiers of clinical pharmacy. The vision was the CPS will drive positive changes in quality patient care through advancing pharmacotherapy to achieve optimal medication therapy in the prevention and treatment of disease. The plan outcomes were; establishing clinical pharmacy services as an essential component of patient care in all practice settings, advances in clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through engagement in research, advance clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy through training and education, develop successful models of practice, disseminates up-to-date knowledge to advance pharmacotherapy and patient care, maximize the efforts to achieve advocacy from other departments and higher administration, and work with pharmaceutical care administration to maximize patient care and improve pharmacy profession. These outcomes were subcategorized into several strategies which were also subcategorized into measurable objectives. The timeline to achieve these outcomes was five years.
Within two years since developing the strategic plan, we achieved 44%, 100%, 67%, 100%, 78%, and 71% of the objectives for the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth outcome, respectively. Targeted goals of 37% and 39% of the objectives were met and exceeded, respectively. We did not achieve the targeted goal for 12% of the objectives while we partially achieved the targeted goal of 12% of the objectives.
The CPS successfully achieved most of the objectives of the strategic plan outcomes. Adopting a strategic plan with higher standards has led to significant improvements in the clinical pharmacy services.

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