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Spectrofluorimetric assay method for glutathione and glutathione transferase using monobromobimane

Author(s): SI Yakubu, IA Yakasai, A Musa

The primary role of glutathione transferase is to defend an organism from toxicities through catalyzing the reaction of glutathione (GSH) with potentially toxic compounds or metabolites to their chemically and biologically inert conju-gates. The objective of the study was to develop a simple and sensitive spectrofluorimetric assay method for glutathione transferase using monobromobimane (MBB), a non fluorescent compound with electrophilic site. MBB slowly reacted with glutathione to form fluorescent glutathione conjugate and that the reaction was catalysed by glutathione trans-ferase. Both non-enzymatic and enzymatic reaction products of MBB, in presence of GSH in phosphate buffer (pH 6.5), were measured by following increase of fluorescence at wavelength of 475nm. For validation of the assay method, the kinetic parameters such as the apparent Michaelis-Mente constants and maximum rates of conjugate formation as well as the specific activity of rat hepatic glutathione transferase were determined. The method was found to be sensitive, thus, applied to measure glutathione contents of crude preparation of rat hepatic cytosol fraction.

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