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sc-RNA-Seq Analysis: The Immune Changes Induced by Intratumoral Hapten Plus Chemotherapy Drugs of Endometrial Cancer

Author(s): Baofa Yu*, Guoqin Zheng, Peng Jing, Xueping Liu, Feng Gao, Peicheng Zhang* and Xiaomin Zhang

Study of intratumoral hapten plus chemotherapy drugs for endometrial cancer, It was found that hapten enhanced intratumoral chemotherapy treatment of endometrial cancer induced acute immune response followed the hysterectomy. The results of Gene Set Variation Analysis (GSVA) analysis showed enrichment after treatment: non-classical NF-kB activation, and the non-classical Nuclear Factor Kappa Light chain enhancer of activated B cells (NF-κB) pathway was responsible for the development of multilayer immune cell;there were high expression of T cell toxicity (CCL3, CLL4, GZMB, GZLY) and inflammation (CCL5, NGK7) genes in the intermediate stage, Conventional Dendritic Cells (cDCs), the macrophage was increased in the microenvironment after treatment, T cells was increased after treatment as important factor to kill tumors in the microenvironment. The intercellular communication in Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC I) pathway of concern showed that Antigen Presenting Cells (APC) and T cells in MHC I pathway had obvious communication before and after treatment. Hapten with chemotherapy treatment resulted in significantly clinical benefit, one local therapy can kill local endometrial cancer also induce immune response to fight cancer with or without hysterectomy and control expression of several genes related with endometrial cancer.

Our study provides evidence that hapten mediated local chemotherapy is safe and effective method while it induces a systematic immunity against cancer by initiating immune response from the endometrial cancer to achieve desirable clinical outcome in order to prevention of tumor cell metastasis with or without hysterectomy, in fact, it bring the immunotherapy advance ahead any treatment of cancer, cleverly integrated into existing therapies and make those quite effective in prolong patient’s life

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