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Pharmacy Student Involvement in the Implementation of a Student-Run Free Clinic..

Author(s): Catherine Grace Derington, Geremi Denise Boom, David K Choi, Kari Mader, Joseph Douglas Johnson, Katy Elizabeth Trinkley

Three-quarters of medical schools in the United States report associations with operational student-run free clinics (SRFCs), but less than half report student pharmacist involvement. Addition of student pharmacists to the SRFC environment advances inter-professional team models and allows for more comprehensive medication management for underserved populations. Here we describe student pharmacist involvement in implementing a new SRFC, the roles that student pharmacists continue to serve in administrative and clinical patient care activities, impact on inter-professional opinions of the pharmacy profession, and areas of future growth with pharmacy involvement in a SRFC. The implementation process revealed that when student pharmacists are given opportunities to lead in both traditional and non-traditional pharmacy roles, they are critical to the success of establishing and running a SRFC and impact other healthcare professionals’ opinions on the value of the pharmacy profession. Pharmacy students working to their full potential within their scope of practice on an inter-professional team can allow other professions to maximize their own skills and improve medication management. Pharmacy students’ abilities to thrive in both traditional and non-traditional pharmacy roles and work together with inter-professional students should be capitalized on by those who are implementing similar community health initiatives or projects such as a SRFC.

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