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Community Pharmacy in Health Care Systems: Social and Financial Benefits.

Author(s): Sasha James

Due to Europe’s current financial crisis, health-care systems have faced
a number of issues. Portugal, among other countries, has taken many
steps to reduce health-care expenses. As a result, total health expenditure
declined by more than 6% between 2011 and 2014, reaching 15,681.9
million euros in 2014, or around 9.1% of GDP. Significant cuts in public
health spending may have a direct influence on health care services,
causing consumption limits and, eventually, limiting access to health care
services. Community pharmacists make significant contributions to the
global health care system. The pharmacist’s role in the community has
evolved throughout time, transitioning from medications to a patient-
centred approach with greater clinical pharmacy services. Pharmacists
are uniquely suited to give pharma-co-therapeutic counselling, monitor
therapy outcomes, and help to reduce the risk of accidental adverse events
and medication interactions. Furthermore, community pharmacists
have a unique position within the health care system, having built a large
network of services that provide direct outpatient care [1,2].