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Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Breast Cancer among Female Staff of Nigerian University

Author(s): Maxwell Ogochukwu Adibe*, Nneka Uchenna Igboeli and Deborah Oyine Aluh

Context: It has been estimated that by the year 2020, approximately 70% of new cancer cases will occur among individuals in developing countries, with a substantial fraction likely to be breast malignancies. This is as a result of late presentation, with about 70-90% of Nigerian women presenting late, hence diminishing survival probabilities. This late presentation is due mainly to poverty, ignorance of the disease and negative perception of and negative attitude toward screening and treatment services. Aims: This study assessed knowledge, attitude and perception of prostate cancer among male staff of University of Nigeria. Design and Setting: This cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out in the University of Nigeria. Methods: Female staff who accepted to participate gave oral consent and were recruited. A total of 686 female staff participated in the study. A self-administered questionnaire, written in English was used for this study. Statistical Analysis: The descriptive statistics were presented in simple frequency and percentages. Results: The mean percentage knowledge was 64.49%. Majority of female staff (89.7%, n=615) had high knowledge of breast cancer. The mean percentage attitude was found to be 43%. More than half of the staff (52.3%, n=359) had negative attitude towards screening and treatment. The mean percentage perception was found to be 58%. More than half of the respondent (57.8%, n=396) had positive perception of breast cancer screening and treatment. Conclusion: The staff of the University of Nigeria had good knowledge, positive attitude and perception towards breast cancer.

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