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Glucose lowering effect of aqueous extract of Bauhinia tomentosa L. on alloxan induced type 2 diabetes mellitus in wistar albino rats

Author(s): K Devaki, U Beulah, G Akila, R Narmadha, VK Gopalakrishnan

The study was designed to evaluate the anti-diabetic effect of aqueous extract of Bauhinia tomentosa L. leaf on alloxan induced Wistar albino rats. Diabetes was induced in albino rat models with alloxan monohydrate (150mg/kg body weight). Aqueous leaf extract of Bauhinia tomentosa at the dose of 300 mg/kg was orally administered once a day for 30 days to the diabetic animals. In this study, glycemic parameters, lipid parameters and serum enzymes were reduced whereas the level of high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol was elevated. The extract significantly increased the total protein and glycogen level in the liver of diabetic rats. Furthermore, the liver carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes were normalized by the administration of the extracts. Histopatholgical examination results of liver, pancreas and kidney were normal in general. The above results indicated the anti-diabetic efficacy of the B.tomentosa leaf extract.

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