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Functional Guideline for Biomarker Drug Discovery.

Author(s): Ross Christin*

It is essential to use genomics-driven drug discovery to accelerate the
creation of new therapeutic targets. However, the paradigm for drug
development based on data from Genome-Wide Association Studies
(GWASs), particularly for cross-population GWAS meta-analysis,
has not yet been developed. The three approaches included in the
drug discovery framework were used to treat the 13 main illnesses
that GBMI (Global Biobank Meta-analysis Initiative) was aiming to
target. Drugs and drug targets were thoroughly verified by reference
to previously established drug-disease associations, which were
complementary ranked by individual approaches. Integration of the
three methodologies provided a comprehensive catalogue of candidate
drugs for repositioning, nominating promising drug candidates
targeting the genes involved in the coagulation process for venous
thromboembolism as well as the gout signalling pathways, interleukin-4
and interleukin-13. Using cross-population meta-analyses, we identified
key factors for successful genomics-driven drug discovery. Efficient
screening of novel therapeutic targets is critical for accelerating drug
discovery. Despite enormous effort to develop novel drugs, the overall
success rate of clinical application has been decreasing due to significant
increases in both cost and duration