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Effects of Quercetin and Hesperetin on MCF-7 Cell Proliferation by Using Real-Time Cell Analyzer

Author(s): Gülsüm Tekin, Bahadır Ozturk

Background: Plant-derived flavonoids have recently interested for the researchers, due to antioxidant and anti-proliferative properties. Cell culture and experimental animal studies have shown to cancer-preventive effects of flavonoids in carcinogenesis. However, some of the biological activities of flavonoids are still unclear. Quercetin and Hesperetin are flavonoid compounds which are evaluated as inhibitors of proliferation of various cancer cells. In our study, we investigated the mechanisms for the effects of Quercetin and Hesperetin on with different concentrations and durations to cell proliferation in MCF-7. Although common methods were used in previous studies the microelectrode based method was used in our proliferation analyze. Materials and Methods: A real-time cell analyzer was used to assess the effects of various doses of Hesperetin (10-175 μM) and Quercetin (125-250 μM) on the proliferation of MCF- 7. Changes in the number of cells were observed continuously every 15 minutes during the experimental period in special cell culture flasks that containing microelectrodes. Results: Hesperetin (175 μM) inhibit the MCF-7 cells proliferation rate of 52.8% compared to the control for 72 h and inhibit cells rate of 60.6% for 96 h after the treatment (P<0.05). Quercetin (250 μM) inhibit MCF-7 cells rate of 70.4% compared to control for 72 h and inhibit cells rate of 81.1% for 96 h after the treatment (P<0.05). Conclusions: As a result, Hesperetin and Quercetin inhibit the human breast cancer cells dose-time dependent manner by real-time cell analyzer. xCELLigence is more comfortable, useful and higher of specificity than the other cell viability analyze methods. As a result, hesperetin and quercetin may be useful therapy or prevention on breast cancer prognosis

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