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Effect of an Extract of Agave americana on Wound Healing Model in Experimental Animals

Author(s): Arup Kumar Misra, Sushil Kumar Varma

Background: Medicinal plants have immense potential since ancient time based on error and trial method. Agave americana has been known since antiquity, as century plant or American aloe. The leaves contain steroidal saponins, isoflavones and coumarins. It has long been used on the wound. Objectives: This study was designed to evaluate the wound healing activity of the extract of Agave americana. Materials and Methods: Agave americana leaves extract is collected and the extract is done by percolation method. The wound is induced in experimental animals by excision and incision method under ketamine. The extract of Agave americana and standard, Soframycin is applied on the wound. The wound closure was measured at regular intervals of time to see the percentage of wound closure; epithelialization time and tensile strength are monitored to see the effect of the extract and its comparison with the standard. Results: The extract of Agave americana showed improved in wound healing from Day 4 onward as compared with control in excision method. The rate of epithelialization for 10% HEAA is almost comparable to standard, Soframycin ointment. In incision method, mice treated with 10% ointment of Agave americana leaf extract showed significant (p<0.05) increase in tensile strength as compared with control. Conclusion: Wound healing activity of hydroalcoholic extract of Agave americana is seen in graded dose. The plant contains flavonoids, tetratriacontanol and homoisoflavanoids which due to its anti-oxidant and antibacterial activities help in wound healing. The plant also contains genins which help in reducing the inflammatory process. Thus Agave americana leaves need to be used in higher doses to have a better understanding of the mechanism of wound healing.

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