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Dosing Guideline Variation Evaluation and Consequences

Author(s): Kyoichi Katayama*

Neonatal bacterial sepsis is a major common disease that threatens the life of newborns, not only has a high incidence rate but also has a high mortality. After the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis, the rational use of antibiotics is the primary treatment measure. In cases where antibiotics are indicated, treatment should be based on the dosing guidelines. Standard dosing guidelines are systematically developed statements to help practitioners or prescribers to make decisions about the appropriate treatment for specific clinical conditions. Even though guidelines are available for the optimal management compliance is a problem and varies from country to country due to significant variation. Such variations in current dosing recommendations and non-compliance may result in selection of inadequate doses or inappropriate dosing intervals for the treatment ultimate result in under dosing, over dosing and therapeutic failures. Since neonates are immune- compromised and are suspected to infections, such consequences can be more fatal.

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