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COVID-19 Related Awareness among Resident Doctors of Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad: A Questionnaire-Based Survey

Author(s): Aniruddha Prajapati*, Chandresh Dumatar and Chetna Desai

Background: COVID-19 emerges as a global pandemic, for which appropriate infection prevention and control measures need to be adopted. A lack of awareness and poor understanding of the disease among medical personal may result in worsening of the situation. To serve the purpose, resident doctors are supposed to have sufficient and up to date knowledge regarding COVID-19.

Aim: To assess awareness of COVID-19 among resident doctors of Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.

Methods: It was a cross sectional, questionnaire-based online study carried out in resident doctors of civil hospital, Ahmedabad over a period of 2 months. An online google form containing 20 multiple choice questions from modules prepared by senior faculty members of civil hospital, Ahmedabad and GMERS Gandhinagar which intend to cover epidemiology, clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures including biomedical waste management of COVID-19 was sent via message, email or whatsapp to access COVID-19 related awareness among resident doctors of civil hospital, Ahmedabad.

Results: Total 228 resident doctors participated in the study with gender distribution of 36.84% female and 63.16% male residents and got mean knowledge score of 14.66 out of maximum of 20 points. Most of the residents were aware about diagnostic test of COVID-19 (77.8%) while least correct response was for category of COVID-19 disease and disposal of N-95 mask. The most correct response was 97.8% for preferred diagnostic test for COVID-19 which is RT-PCR while the least correct response was 47.8% for category of COVID-19 disease. The overall knowledge regarding epidemiology is 79.2%, clinical features and complications is 69.9%, treatment of COVID-19 is 77.3%, preventive measures is 66.46% and about diagnosis of COVID-19 is 82.4%.

Conclusion: As the global threat of COVID-19 continues to emerge, it is important to have the knowledge and awareness among resident doctors. Educational interventions are useful to provide resident doctors up to date and proper knowledge regarding COVID-19.

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