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Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Solidago canadensis Linn. root essential oil

Author(s): Devendra Mishra, Shivani Joshi, Ganga Bisht, Sangeeta Pilkhwal

The essential oil from the roots of Solidago canadensis Linn. (fam. Asteraceae) was analyzed by GC, GC/MS and NMR spectroscopy. Thirty nine constituents comprising 75.4% of the total oil were identified from the oil. Thy-mol constituted 20.25% of the oil followed by α-copaene (6.26%) and carvacrol (5.51%). The antimicrobial activity of the oil was evaluated using disc diffusion method. Results showed that the oil exhibited significant antibacterial activ-ity against S. feacalis and E. coli whereas it showed moderate antifungal activity against C. albicans.

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