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Antibacterial synergy of curcumin with antibiotics against biofilm producing clinical bacterial isolates

Author(s): Arunava Kali, Devaraj Bhuvaneshwar, Pravin M. V. Charles, Kunigal Srinivasaiah Seetha

Introduction: The role of natural bioactive substances in treating infections has been rediscovered as bacterial resistance become common to most of the antibiotics. Curcumin is a bioactive substance from turmeric. Owing to antimicrobial properties, its prospect as an antibacterial agent is currently under focus. Materials and Methods: We have evaluated the in vitro synergy of curcumin with antibiotics against sixty biofilm producing bacterial isolates. Congo red agar method was used to identify the biofilm producing isolates. Curcumin minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) was determined by agar dilution method. Its antibiotic synergy was identified by the increase in disc diffusion zone size on Mueller‑Hinton agar with 32 mg/L curcumin. Results: The mean MICs of curcumin against Gram‑positive and Gram‑negative isolates were 126.9 mg/L and 117.4 mg/L, respectively. Maximum synergy was observed with ciprofloxacin among Gram‑positive and amikacin, gentamicin, and cefepime among Gram‑negative isolates. Conclusions: Curcumin per se as well as in combination with other antibiotics has a demonstrable antibacterial action against biofilm producing bacterial isolates. It may have a beneficial role in supplementing antibiotic therapy.

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