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  • Research Article   
    Antioxidant and protective effect of “Artemesia absinthium” and “Nigella sativa ” on Albino mice mode of hepatic injury
    Author(s): Muhammad Waqar Mazhar*


    Background: Ethanoic plant extract of N.sativa and A.absinthium has compounds that act as anti-inflammatory, cardio protective, anticancer, and antioxidant. The flavonoids and reducing power in these plants are used to treat liver injury. In this research, we explored the protective effect of these plants on APAP-induced liver injury. Methodology: Albino mice were treated with extract of both plants separately and then used in combined form for 14 days, the results show the protection against injury induced in the 23 liver by APAP (220 mg/kg). In vitro study, the plants extract shows phytochemical compounds by pre-treatment assay, reducing assay, and DPPH assay. In this study, albinos were categorized into 5 groups, group I was the control group that received only distilled water, and group II received 220 mg/kg Acetaminophen by intraperitoneal injection. Group III received 350 mg/kg .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.37532/0976- 0113.13(2).136