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Journal of Basic and Clinical Pharmacy (JBCP) is committed in making vital contributions to the basic, clinical, and pharmaceutical research by providing world-class peerreviewed publications. JBCP is the official publication of Global Scientific Research Forum. Currently, we are in a developmental phase with respect to the number of submissions and to the number of researchers contributing to our journal. To improve the reviewing process, we have launched a new website: (previously:, which is powered and maintained by one of the leading open access publishers, Wolters Kluwer Health?Medknow.[1,2]

The impact factor is being used as a frequent measure in evaluating journal’s importance. Based on the Google scholar citation search, the 2011 impact factor (unofficial) for JBCP is 0.8205 and the overall impact factor (2009-2012) is 0.627. We are currently in communication with indexing agencies like the PUBMED and the ISI Web of Knowledge to obtain the official impact factor. Great efforts are being put towards the improvement of the impact factor by publishing high quality, peer-reviewed original contributions and review articles. Considering the above facts, we are confident that the impact factor of JBCP will rise significantly. The following link provides the list of articles that are frequently accessed and downloaded,

Some of the most viewed and frequently downloaded articles of JBCP (since September, 2012) are:

• S. Dwajani, V. S. Harish Kumar, D. Keerthi. Atorvastatin and simvastatin as analgesic agents in experimental models. 2012;3:332-5. [Views: 493, Downloads: 95]. [http://www.;year=2012;v olume=3;issue=4;spage=332;epage=335;aulast=Dwajani].

• Sarmi Palit, Robiul H. Bhuiyan, Jannatul Aklima, Talha B. Emran, Raju Dash. A study of the prevalence of thalassemia and its correlation with liver function test in different age and sex group in the Chittagong district of Bangladesh. 2012;3:352-7. [Views: 239, Downloads: 43]. [http://www.;year=2012;v olume=3;issue=4;spage=352;epage=357;aulast=Palit].

We would like to inform our readers that the following manuscripts are the most cited articles published in JBCP:

• Mahesh Attimarad. Rapid RP HPLC Method for Quantitative Determination of Lornoxicam in Tablet. 2010;1:115-8. [Total citations: 14- Source: Google Scholar]. [ Basic Clin Pharma 12115-4267481_115114.pdf].

• Anroop B. Nair, Rachna Gupta, Rachna Kumria, Shery Jacob and Mahesh Attimarad. Formulation and evaluation of enteric coated tablets of proton pump inhibitor. 2010;1:215-21. [Total citations: 10– Source: Google Scholar].[ JBasicClinPharma14215-7105127_194411.pdf].

The editors of our journal have long-standing and distinguished careers in their respective fields. The editorial board members and external reviewers of our journal are committed in providing unbiased, rapid evaluations of the submitted manuscripts to shorten the duration between the submission and final publication. Therefore, the authors will certainly have a pleasant and intellectual experience working with our editors and reviewers. For detailed information on the editorial board members of JBCP please visit editorialboard.asp. To facilitate faster review process, articles nowcan be submitted online ( jbcp) and authors will receive a notification at every stage of the review process starting from the submission to the decision-making and finally publishing the manuscript. There is no fee for manuscript submission and there is no separate fee for color reproduction of the figures. Complete information about instructions for authors regarding preparation and submission of manuscripts can be obtained from http://www. We welcome the authors to submit their papers in our prestigious journal.